Re: gdm2 string freeze breakage

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 23:36:09 +0100, Danilo Šegan <danilo gnome org> wrote:

(Removed myself, I already subscribe gnome-i18n; and added
Funda because he is maintaining most of zh_CN translation.
Comment below.)

> >>>Brian, I believe the preferred nomenclature for zh_TW is
> >>> traditional', to distinguish it from 'simplified'.
> >> I believe "traditional" is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and with
> >> separate entry being added for Hong Kong, it's no long necessary to
> >> call it that.
> >
> > Okay, should I leave things the way they are, then?
> >
> > zh_CN = (simplified)
> > zh_HK = (Hong Kong)
> > zh_TW = (Taiwan)
> >
> > Should I change zh_CN to "Chinese" or is "(simplified)" the best?
> Lets ask those who're more likely to know: Wang and Abel, listed as
> respective Chinese coordinators at
> Abel, Wang, should we expect any sort of political discussions and/or
> official problems from the following choice of entries in GDM:
> 1. "Chinese" or "Chinese (simplified)" (pick one which is more
> appropriate)
> 2. "Chinese (Hong Kong)"
> 3. "Chinese (Taiwan)"
> Basically, if Chinese is not written in "traditional" way anywhere
> else, I'm almost certain that we're safe with this, but you guys
> certainly know better than I do.

If Wang Jian and Funda see no problem with my proposal, I'd suggest

1. Chinese (Mainland)
2. Chinese (Hong Kong)
3. Chinese (Taiwan)

Using geographical name should be able to avoid all those "official name"
arguments, as well as listing the names in balanced manner -- otherwise
it is sort of like

pt (Portuguese)
pt_BR (Brazil)

One in language name and another in country name is a little bit strange.
Finally, this will be more expandable -- at least allows zh_SG (Singapore)
to fit nicely later on, in case this locale is added later.


> Thanks,
> Danilo

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