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I get crashes when running minicom and resizing the window with those latest patches. It appears to be the ones committed on the 28th that breaks things. I don't have the time right now to investigate this any further unfortunately.

It's the same assertion as in

(but on Debian unstable)

Should we really be doing these kinds of changes a week before the release?


Kjartan Maraas wrote:
I went ahead and commited the fedora patches today, and included a
couple of patches from bugzilla that other distros have been shipping
with for some time. Can we leave it at that for now and drop the fork?

I think we have a decent set of improvements over what was there in the
last release now and we can spend some time weeding out any issues
introduced by these patches and seeing to it that those are reported in
bugzilla etc.

There is one bugreport with patches that I think should be looked at
before 2.10:

It would be very nice if we could ship with the patches in here included
as well. I got the impression Mandrake has already been using these.

I didn't want to just go ahead without a clear indication of approval,
but when I got no answer I felt something had to be done. I think that
this was something "the community" wanted to get some traction on too
and apologize if I've stepped over the line. Reverting back to where we
were is only a few clicks on URLs in bonsai away. :-)

Excerpt from ChangeLog with recent changes:

* src/dumpkeys.c: Fix build on NetBSD and Darwin.
Patch from Adrian Bunk <bunk at stusta de>. Closes
bug #126377 []

* src/vteregex.h: Don't include <config.h> here. It breaks
building on AIX and can cause problems for l10n. Closes
bug #161352 []

* src/keymap.c: (_vte_keymap_map): Fix keypad behaviour
to be like xterm. Closes bug #128099
[]. Fix is from
<jylefort at brutele be>.

* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_visibility_notify): Fix black
backgrounds in new terminals. Fix from Jon Nettleton
<nettleton at gmail com>. Closes bug #125364

* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_adjust_adjustments),
(vte_terminal_update_insert_delta), (vte_terminal_handle_scroll),
(vte_terminal_set_scroll_adjustment), (vte_terminal_size_allocate):
Apply patch from Fedora to fix some scrolling issues. Closes
bug #168210 [] and
possibly others

* src/iso2022.c: (_vte_iso2022_process): Apply another
patch from Fedora. This should fix some screen corruption
with multibyte charsets. Closes bug #168211

* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_scroll_region),
(vte_sequence_handler_al), (vte_sequence_handler_dl),
(vte_sequence_handler_sr), (vte_sequence_handler_insert_lines),
(vte_sequence_handler_delete_lines), (vte_terminal_handle_scroll):
Another patch from fedora. Make sure the screen is fully redrawn
before scrolling. Apparently this patch has some issues, but those
were found to be small enough to apply in Fedora, so I guess
the same holds true here.

* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_unrealize): Fix a crash
when trying to use input methods. From Fedora.
Closes bug #168213 []

* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_scroll_region): Fix for
problem with redrawing when scrolling back then forward
Closes bug #122150 [].
Patch from Benjamin Otte.
* src/iso2022.c: (_vte_iso2022_is_ambiguous),
* src/uniwidths:
* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_catch_child_exited), (vte_terminal_eof),
(vte_terminal_process_incoming), (vte_terminal_feed),
(vte_terminal_init), (vte_terminal_finalize), (vte_terminal_reset),
(add_display_timeout), (add_coalesce_timeout),
(remove_display_timeout), (remove_coalesce_timeout),
(vte_terminal_stop_processing), (vte_terminal_start_processing),
(vte_terminal_is_processing), (display_timeout),
* src/vtexft.c: (_vte_xft_drawcharfontspec), (_vte_xft_draw_text):
Apply fix from Fedora package for performance problems. Closes
bug #143914 []. Patch
was written by S�Sandmann.

* src/vte.c: (vte_sequence_handler_send_primary_device_attributes):
Patch from Mariano to make vte claim to be the right type terminal.
Closes bug #130671 [].

I'll make a test tarball with these and the ones from so we can get people
testing and possibly close out a few of the old bugzilla reports that
are relevant to these fixes.

Nalin, would it be ok with you if this was released as 0.11.12 and could
you find the time to review the patches in the report mentioned in the
paragraph above?


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