Re: vte [was Re: houston, we have a problem- 2.10 showstoppers]

Frederic Crozat wrote:

Le lundi 28 février 2005 à 22:57 +0100, Kjartan Maraas a écrit :
There is one bugreport with patches that I think should be looked at
before 2.10:

It would be very nice if we could ship with the patches in here included
as well. I got the impression Mandrake has already been using these.

FYI, these patches has been integrated in Mdk vte package for Mdk 10.1
(out for almost 6 months now) and I did get any bug report caused by

Has anyone been testing the vte accessibility with these patches? I would have some concerns there, as we (Sun) are not using these patches at the moment.

However, we *are* using patches for the following bugs, which we consider vital for accessibility:

153405 <> cri Urg nalin redhat com NEW Terminal crashes often while working with gnopernicus

113590 <> maj Hig nalin redhat com NEW vte and AtkText selection


132316 <> nor Hig nalin redhat com NEW terminal widget's context menu posting isn't exposed as a... 138653 <> nor Hig nalin redhat com NEW crash opening/closing multiple gnome-terminal tabs

156161 <> nor Nor nalin redhat com UNCO AccessibleText_getTextAtOffset returns wrong values in g...


In particular the patches for 153405, 138653, and 156161 fix several crasher scenarios. Bug 113590 prevents the implementation of a key ATK interface.

I consider vte to be unmaintained.

- Bill

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