VTE tarball for 2.10.0


I just commited the final two patches that I put in the test tarball I
uploaded at http://www.gnome.org/~kmaraas/testing/vte-0.11.12.tar.gz
(I know this is past code freeze but went ahead and commited anyway to
sync CVS with the tarball I uploaded, spank me if you want :-)

Hopefully we can use this as the official release 2.10.0. Can people
interested in terminal performance and behaviour please test this and
see if any of the bugs in bugzilla can be closed as a result of this?

Also testing vte/gnome-terminal with vttest would be good. The test
suite can be found here: http://dickey.his.com/vttest/vttest.html

I'll put the tarball up on ftp.gnome.org when I can reach it again. I'm
having some problems with my connection at the moment it seems.


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