Re: Potential showstopper?

On Wed, 02 Mar 2005 02:57:25 +0100, Emilio Jesus Gallego Arias
<egallego telefonica net> wrote:
> El mar, 01-03-2005 a las 17:46 -0800, Eugenia Loli-Queru escribió:
> > Just as I was testing the Simple theme earlier with gnome-themes 2.9.92 on
> > Arch Linux, the following happens, on Firefox/Thunderbird/Mozilla only:
> >
> I see this lots of time too, in my work distro that's Debian testing.
> There's a bugzilla entry open for this?

I'm tempted to say that this is not a showstopper, purely because the
fact that no one has filed it proves that no one actually /uses/ the
default theme, and (unlike the other bug) it doesn't impact screenshot
if it is only occasional. But... yeah, it does appear pretty ugly and
would be pretty embarassing to see in our defaults.


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