Re: Potential showstopper?

El mar, 01-03-2005 a las 17:46 -0800, Eugenia Loli-Queru escribió:
> Just as I was testing the Simple theme earlier with gnome-themes 2.9.92 on 
> Arch Linux, the following happens, on Firefox/Thunderbird/Mozilla only:

I see this lots of time too, in my work distro that's Debian testing.

There's a bugzilla entry open for this?

> I removed the code snippet Callum added a few months ago, but the problem is 
> still there (it seems to be a genuine Simple bug?). I am using GTK/glib 
> 2.6.3 btw.
> I was able to reproduce the bug on two of my Arch Linux laptops. If you can 
> too, on your distros with the same library versions, this seems like a 
> showstopper to me.
> regards,
> Eugenia
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