Help Needed: Gnome-VFS SMB method regression

[IMPORTANT: Please respond to either gnome-vfs-list gnome org,
nielsen memberwebs com or on the specific bugzilla bugs below]

For this release we've done a major rework on the SMB method. Many
deadlock and crasher problems were resolved. However some regression
issues have come to light on certain SMB operations.

Because the problems are difficult to reproduce without being on the
given network, Alex Larsson suggested I write and ask for help. If you
have a machine on a Windows Network could you see if the following occur
for you:

o Browsing to 'smb://' does not list domains or workgroups.
  - Possible patch attached to above bug.

o Browsing a SMB machine 'smb://xxxx/' (not share) anonmyously
  demands a password or otherwise doesn't work.
  - Note we're talking about Guest or anonymous access here.
  - The machine in question should not be on a domain.

o Browsing to a Windows XP share (not on a domain) anonymously
  doesn't work.
  - Again talking about Guest or anonymous access here.

o Other regressions?

This isn't a free for all request for gnome-vfs SMB bugs but rather a
request for help with regression issues. Things that worked in GNOME 2.8
but don't work anymore. If you are inclined to help, please use the most
recent gnome-vfs CVS code.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Nate Nielsen

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