Re: Intltool and disting of .gmo files

Rodney Dawes wrote:

Currently, intltool is distributing the generated .gmo files, within
tarballs. Christian Persch recently filed a bug against intltool, as
this still causes some issues with builddir != srcdir. I'd prefer to
not duplicate generated files if possible. If anyone has sufficient
reason as to why they should be distributed, please speak up now, or
I'm going to fix intltool to stop distributing them tonight, and make
a release with some other fixes as well. The bug in question is:
I think the reason why gettext's distributes the .gmo files is so that you can install the translations from a tarball install even if you don't have the gettext utilities installed (msgfmt, etc).

I haven't noticed any builddir!=srcdir problems with the stock gettext or glib-gettextize, so I guess this is an intltool specific problem. Is there any reason not to follow what the existing tools do here?


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