Re: Default Theme Progress

<quote who="Eugenia Loli-Queru">

> At that point, Seth's email was *crystal clear* that this WILL be the
> default theme of Gnome 2.12.

Seth confirmed that we were TALKING about the default theme for 2.12, not
that we had DECIDED on the default theme for 2.12. The only crystal clear
point made in Seth and Diana's mail is that Clearlooks is in the lead for
the moment, and we should at the very least ship it.

I found it inappropriate to use public news sites such as Slashdot and OS
News to misrepresent the discussion, so I feel entirely justified mailing
this response on a public development list.

And a hearty "Good morning!" to those joining the thread from Slashdot and
OS News. Don't believe-- don't-- don't-- don't believe the hype.

- Jeff

-- 2005: April 18th-23rd          
     "It's never been, 'We're doing this for the good of society.' It's
     always been us taking an intellectual pride in putting out a good
   product - and making money. If putting a computer on every desktop and
     in every home didn't make money, we wouldn't do it." - Microserfs

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