Re: Default Theme Progress

> Yup. We'll try to add it to CVS as soon as we fork from 2.10.

Great news! ClearLooks is indeed a great theme.

I would greatly appreciate some restraint of your Slashdot trigger finger in the future. "ClearLooks to be Default Theme on Gnome 2.12" is not even close
to an accurate description of Seth and Diana's email, let alone the entire
discussion so far.

Well, sorry Jeff, but this email pretty much says that that's the intention and the action towards its realization:
The rest of you guys might later have felt differently to Seth/Diana's decision/proposal later on, but when that story got submitted to Slashdot, nobody said otherwise. At that point, Seth's email was *crystal clear* that this WILL be the default theme of Gnome 2.12. Seth is the main usability guy around here, so I do take his word for granted.

BTW, if you wanted to make an actual valid point to me, you should have emailed me in person instead of flooding the list with your little peeve.


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