Re: Intltool and disting of .gmo files


Le mardi 01 mars 2005 �1:02 +0800, James Henstridge a �it :
>Rodney Dawes wrote:
>>Currently, intltool is distributing the generated .gmo files, within
>>tarballs. Christian Persch recently filed a bug against intltool, as
>>this still causes some issues with builddir != srcdir. I'd prefer to
>>not duplicate generated files if possible. If anyone has sufficient
>>reason as to why they should be distributed, please speak up now, or
>>I'm going to fix intltool to stop distributing them tonight, and make
>>a release with some other fixes as well. The bug in question is:
>I think the reason why gettext's distributes the .gmo 
>files is so that you can install the translations from a tarball install 
>even if you don't have the gettext utilities installed (msgfmt, etc).

Removing the .gmo files has been proposed before, in a thread about
tarball sizes:

It will lead to substantial decreases in tarball sizes. For example, I
just stopped distributing .gmo files for Epiphany, and the tarball went
from 3.628 MB to 2.768 MB (1.5.6 -> 1.5.7 .tar.bz2's).

>From a follow-up to the above mail, :
> As an experiment the gmo files were deleted from the gnumeric
> tarballs. Nobody noticed they were gone.

I think the tarball size savings are much more important than an added
build dependency on gettext utilities.


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