Re: new gnome-common release?

Hi Bastien

> I think most people agree that gnome-common isn't something that should
> be packaged (at least that's true for Fedora/Red Hat distros), as gnome-
> common is a development tool, to build from CVS. I think it should be
> removed altogether from the FTP site, so as not to create confusion.
I would not agree. For people like me who actually deal with a couple
of CVS modules it would be handy to have gnome-common packaged (I am
trying to manage everything as RPMs - unless I develop it myself which
is not the case for gnome-common).

> If somebody is going to compile a program from CVS, they might as well
> check out gnome-common at the same time.
Sure. Same about the rest of the gnome:) I'd say the fact that
gnome-common is useful for gnome developers only does not adjust the
idea to keep it non-packaged and non-released.



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