Re: cleaning up themes

Mike Hearn wrote:
On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 09:54:24 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:

It is already possibly to install themes straight from by
dragging and dropping the links into gnome-theme-manager.

Only if they don't include new engines (which all popular themes do,
there's only so much excitement you can generate with new colour schemes).

The top 5 rated GTK+ themes on actually use engines that should already be available in most distributions, since they are included in gtk-engines, or use the pixmap engine which is now available in GTK+. Also, with an engine like Smooth, you can create a variety of different themes that are not different colour schemes. The smooth engine offers a range of options to create several different styles.

Metacity and Icon themes can be installed via drag and drop without any problems.

If they do include engines then you're distributing arbitrary binaries in
single-click form: that sort of thing is autopackages territory. I don't
think it's a 5-minute thing you can whack into the control centre.

Packaging engines has been one of the sticking points for distributing GTK+ themes. However, a simple check for the existence of a library could notify the user if a theme being installed will not work because a theme engine is not present. While not ideal, we certainly don't want to start trying to distribute binaries. However, a proper packaging system needs to be designed in order to accommodate this.


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