Re: cleaning up themes

On 30 Jul 2005, at 5:18 am, Davyd Madeley wrote:

I'm sure I've brought this up before, but I think we should clean up the
list of themes we ship for G2.12.

Looking at the default list, we appear to have:
  Mist, and
which are all pretty good themes, and should stay in by default.

Then we have
  Default (which is not),
  Grand Canyon,
  Ocean Dream,
  Traditional, and
  Smokey Blue

Perhaps we should consider moving these into the -extras package. What I
think would be really cool is having a level of integration that allows
you to install themes right off from your favourite web
browser. That way we could ship our 4 very nice themes, and everyone can
install whatever else they want with ease. Very rapidly integrated with
web backgrounds, and one day web-shipped applets.

gtk-engines has had a number of bugs filed for both Crux and Ocean Dream (lighthouseblue) recently, so it's possible quite a few people still use these themes. There was also talk of including Industrial in gnome-themes at some point, since it no longer has a permanent home.

It is already possibly to install themes straight from by dragging and dropping the links into gnome-theme-manager. What would be ideal would be a new mime-type for gnome themes, and a proper file format for themes too. Then we could do the install (and possibly apply) straight form clicking on a link. I made several suggestions on a file format and mime-type for gnome themes a while ago, but it didn't get much further than a few ideas on paper.


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