Re: Dumping gnome-smproxy in 2.14

Hi Ghee,

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 11:51 +0100, ghee teo wrote:

> (a) Create a new CVS module that just contains smproxy

	I've no problem at all with you doing this.

	However, do note that you'll also need patches to make GNOME not get
screwed up with gnome-smproxy - e.g. bugs #118063, #309506 and #147691.

> [1] In fact, Sun will have no choice because of CDE and backwards 
> compatibility to continue shipping smproxy.

	I don't want to get dragging into a discussion about whether or not Sun
should continue to ship smproxy, but I will say that if I was still
involved I would be very much arguing for not shipping it and my
rationale would be along the same lines as the rationale I put forward
on this list.


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