Re: Dumping gnome-smproxy in 2.14

Mark McLoughlin wrote:

	I've removed gnome-smproxy from gnome-session HEAD now.

   Can I plead for some traces of gnome-smproxy to be remained on gnome cvs
for the following reasons:
(1) On Solaris, CDE will remain for a long time to come and all the CDE apps need
     gnome-smproxy to work for session save and restore.
(2) Customers' Motif apps most likely still uses the old ICCCM protocol.

Though (1) is Sun specific and I believe (2) will inevitable impact companies
that ship GNOME. There will be times some will come back to this [1].
I would like is to consider the options:

(a) Create a new CVS module that just contains smproxy
(b) Keep smproxy in gnome-session but not call it at all.

Doing either of this means, Sun (may be others) does not have to keep a separate
copy of the code somewhere. Even in the case of needed bug fixes (such as
security fixes), there is a central repository to putback.



[1] In fact, Sun will have no choice because of CDE and backwards compatibility to continue shipping smproxy.


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