Re: gnome-power-manager in 2.14, was: new modules for 2.12

Luis Villa wrote:
I'm guessing gnome-power-manager[1] and gnome-screensaver fall into the
2.14 time-frame.

And fast-user-switcher. I'd personally *love* to see that whole pile
land in 2.14.

My hope is that we can get a nice DBus interface to GDM going by then.

Then comes bliss.

In the meantime, cool kids can:
  * run GDM, fast-user-switch-applet, gnome-screensaver from CVS HEAD
  * use a GDM theme with a face browser enabled
  * enabled face browsing for all users in gdmsetup
  * select a face with gdmphotosetup
  * set the AlwaysLoginCurrentSession=true in gdm.conf


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