new modules for 2.12

The release team met last week, and we talked a bit about the new
module stuff. As usual, we tried to understand and reflect the
community consensus as reflected in d-d-l and other forums, with the
understanding that sometimes we have to, you know, go ahead and decide

* evince: It's clearly a great, very gnome-y app. We'd like to thank
the ggv and gpdf authors for all the work they've done over the years.

* services-admin: is now fairly polished and the maintainer wants it
in, and no one has objected to that.

* gnome-keyring-manager: underwent a lot of work after the last round
of objections, and has not been objected to in its new format. Not
getting releases very regularly, though; we need that to change or
we'll have to punt it to 2.14.

Punted to 2.13/2.14
* eggcups: this was pushed very late, and partially as a result there
is a lack of clarity and consensus here, particularly with regards to
the relationship of this to other pieces of the printing stack. We
look forward to those issues getting straightened out at the summit ;)

* productivity/office suite: the discussions about where this would
fit, what the rules would be, etc., were never very conclusive; it
wasn't even clear whether or not this was our problem, so maybe it
isn't :) We'd love to see this stuff release on our schedule, and for
the folks involved including the heads of the various teams and the
heads of the various projects sit down and come to some conclusions.
Perhaps that'll happen at the summit too; if not, it needs to happen
somewhere else and obviously in time for 2.14.

Luis (hoping this one isn't quite as second-guessed as the last one ;)

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