Re: new modules for 2.12

> The release team met last week, and we talked a bit about the new
> module stuff. As usual, we tried to understand and reflect the
> community consensus as reflected in d-d-l and other forums, with the
> understanding that sometimes we have to, you know, go ahead and decide
> ;)
> In:
> * evince: It's clearly a great, very gnome-y app. We'd like to thank
> the ggv and gpdf authors for all the work they've done over the years.
> * services-admin: is now fairly polished and the maintainer wants it
> in, and no one has objected to that.
> * gnome-keyring-manager: underwent a lot of work after the last round
> of objections, and has not been objected to in its new format. Not
> getting releases very regularly, though; we need that to change or
> we'll have to punt it to 2.14.
> Punted to 2.13/2.14
> * eggcups: this was pushed very late, and partially as a result there
> is a lack of clarity and consensus here, particularly with regards to
> the relationship of this to other pieces of the printing stack. We
> look forward to those issues getting straightened out at the summit ;)
> * productivity/office suite: the discussions about where this would
> fit, what the rules would be, etc., were never very conclusive; it
> wasn't even clear whether or not this was our problem, so maybe it
> isn't :) We'd love to see this stuff release on our schedule, and for
> the folks involved including the heads of the various teams and the
> heads of the various projects sit down and come to some conclusions.
> Perhaps that'll happen at the summit too; if not, it needs to happen
> somewhere else and obviously in time for 2.14.

HI Luis,
        The productivity/Office suite will contain AbiWord-2.4,
Gnumeric-1.6 and probabally GNOME-db (I haven't had confirmation
from Rodrigo yet but he has said that it would be ready previously
and I only just asked him a few hours ago.)


> Luis (hoping this one isn't quite as second-guessed as the last one ;)
> --
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