Daily Packaging (was Re: make distcheck in tinderbox)

Today at 16:37, Dan Winship wrote:

> Could we just package up the results of the jhbuild in a dumb,
> completely mechanical way, such that installing the packages would be
> exactly equivalent to running jhbuild? ie, it wouldn't replace or
> conflict with your existing GNOME packages, it would just install
> everything into its own special prefix. And we could have a single
> less-dumb package that tweaked your vendor gdm configuration to add a
> "jhbuild gnome" session.

And make that Zero-Install[1], so you don't even have to care about
prefix and upgrading either :)

FWIW, lots of Gnome apps are already available as Zero-Install
application directories.

[1] http://zero-install.sf.net/

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