Re: make distcheck in tinderbox [was Re: make check failures- gnome-vfs, e-d-s, at-spi]

On 7/18/05, Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org> wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 15:54 -0400, Colin Walters wrote:

> > What's so difficult about jhbuild?  Couldn't we make just make it easier
> > (such as having jhbuild autodetect stuff in /usr and adjust
> Processing power. Time.

Those issues pretty much limit the number of testers via jhbuild quite
a bit and they don't look fixable.  But there's also other limiting
factors in that it just isn't a simple task.  Making it easier would
necessitate removal of the frequent build breaks that exist (it is not
at all unusual for me to come across a couple new build breaks
whenever I try to update to HEAD; they're resolved relatively quickly
but it significantly adds to the time required for newbies), and
patched in fixes or workaround or something for the longstanding
brokenness issues (e.g. howl needs --disable-static, nautilus-media
won't build, nautilus requires a patch to because I'm not
running with libexif, certain modules cause cvs conflicts each and
every time I update due to autogenerated files being committed,
mozilla doesn't install nss headers correctly, etc., etc.).

Although it seems like jhbuild should be a simple way to build from
CVS, having spent an awful lot of time helping many people in
gnome-love try to resolve issues, I just don't think it is.  It is
much simpler than manually building from cvs, but it isn't simple.


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