Re: eggcups (and libgnomecups) for 2.12

On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 13:27 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:

> You got it right the first time :) In theory, being part of GNOME
> (among other things) means that the QA team has tested a component,
> and it'll be very hard to do that if the requirement is to rebuild
> cups as well :/

I can understand that.  But I think this is just an extension of the
existing N ways GNOME can be built; e.g. in theory it's buildable and
runnable with HAL, without CUPS, with old X server, etc.  So the testing
aspect is pretty hard already.  

eggcups is really a pretty small amount of code; the way I would think
of it is as on the same level as the HAL patch for gnome-vfs.  It just
happens to be in its own tarball.

> That said, you guys (RH) have been shipping eggcups for a while with
> no serious issues, right?

Yeah, and I've heard that Ubuntu is looking at picking it up as well,
which motivated me to get it into 2.12.

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