Re: libnotify in gnome-applets

With my maintainer hat on, I'll throw my thoughts into the ring.

Quoting Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>:

* not sure about the trash applet, since it already changes its icon and
tooltip when something changes in the applet.

No. I didn't much care for this one, it seemed a bit strange.

* I'm going to add support for hints in the notifications, so that the
notification itself shows up next to the applet sending it.

ChipX86 had said that he would be adding something like this soon. It would be a
nice feature.

I like the weather one, I think it's cute. There does seem to be an excessive
amount of negative reaction to this feature though. We seem to lack cool
features like this, so I would like to see it in. Make it an optional feature
(like battery notifications). Not sure whether it should be exposed in the UI
or not. It's still cool, even as a hidden easter egg.

Is there a patch in bugzilla?

Some other things that I think could benefit from libnotify love (not all
* gossip - I did vaguely have this working
* muine - It'd help me learn the names of songs I like on albums I
          didn't know I owned
* whatever replaces gtik (nominally called gnome-stocks-applet,
  not yet written, have no vested interest in share market)
* nm-applet - network notification
* something to tell you you're running low on disk space (perhaps in
* The evolution new-mail plugin - which also shouldn't have an option about
  D-BUS messages, it should just send them. If no one cares, then no one will


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