Re: Remove GnomeMeeting from Gnome module list?


It seems to be an attempt to flame, but I will still answer to this

Le mardi 18 janvier 2005 à 18:28 +0100, Danilo Šegan a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> I'd like to have GnomeMeeting removed from official module list,
> unless it starts being maintained just like other modules.

It is maintained like other modules.

> GnomeMeeting is officially part of Gnome desktop.  Unfortunately, it
> doesn't follow Gnome schedule: releases came in the midst of release
> cycles in 2.6 and 2.8, and the same might happen with 2.10.  I simply

First of all, that is not right. GnomeMeeting 1.2.0 has been released
for GNOME 2.9, and the tarball has been put on the FTP server for
release with GNOME 2.10. I know it is 3 months earlier, but I don't see
why I should delay the release just to stick with the GNOME schedule as
long as the provided tarball works with the intended GNOME release.

I was however unable to make a release for GNOME 2.6 as I had not enough
time, but 1.0.2 was available for GNOME 2.6, so I don't see the problem.

GnomeMeeting is not a library, it is an application and unlike some
GNOME maintainers, I'm not paid to develop on GnomeMeeting, so I can
only do this in my spare time. The best I can guarantee is that there is
a version that works with the new GNOME at each GNOME release. I can not
guarantee I can do a new version at every GNOME release.

> don't know, and I doubt anybody else does.  It didn't have any
> unstable tarball releases for 2.9 (though stable 1.2.0 came out in the
> meantime).

Isn't it enough?

> It's nicely integrated into Gnome, which makes it an excellent program
> to use on your Gnome desktop.  Still, I think it doesn't belong in
> official module list, since they're playing by their own rules.

We are not playing our own rules. Nobody has never said that each GNOME
component should have a new release at each GNOME release, but perhaps
the release team should clarify on this.

> The problem is that they require special care from translation and
> documentation teams, due to misaligned stable release dates. There're
> many more software packages in Gnome CVS which have this same level of
> Gnome support, and some are even better.  Translators like to have
> software translated for translations themselves, not for the sake of
> stats (i.e. I might get 1.2.5 finally translated when it comes out
> along with Gnome 2.10, but that still leaves users with 1.2.0-1.2.4
> untranslated).  So, making them allocate special time for whenever
> GnomeMeeting releases might come isn't helping the cause.  Regular
> release cycles are there so we can organise our time better.
> I'm not trying to play down on Damien or anybody, because I think
> GnomeMeeting is a great piece of software.  I hope that no one will be
> offended by my request to remove it from official list of Gnome
> modules.

I think your request is very offending and not very wise either. You
have not contacted me before to discuss about this, instead you have
directly mailed the desktop-devel-llist, and that proves everything of
what I'm thinking of your e-mail.

> I'm certain removing GnomeMeeting won't harm it's wide acceptance
> either, since I don't see at all how GnomeMeeting benefits from being 
> included in Gnome.
> Comments and opinions welcome, but please don't turn this into "how 
> good GnomeMeeting is" instead of "will GnomeMeeting commit to
> following Gnome schedule in the future".

I won't. I can only make sure there is a release that works for every
GNOME release. I can not guarantee I can be ready with a new version at
each GNOME release, for several reasons :
- I can not code more than I have spare time
- Coding requires sometimes much time, sometimes less, I can not preduct
and adjust the evolution of the code to the GNOME schedule
- I'm not paid to do this, I also have a family and a social life, but
I'm still doing my very best...

Moreover, removing it from the GNOME modules, won't solve the
translations problem. It is up to the release team to decide on this,
and if they decide that a new release is required at each GNOME release,
and that I can not do a new release between GNOME releases, then I will
silently accept the removing of GnomeMeeting from the official modules.

However, I think this is probably stupid and exagerated. Actually your
request seems very weird to me, but perhaps that's just me.

I don't know if you realize, but I'm currently adding SIP support into
GnomeMeeting, and it might take more time than the 6 months separating
each GNOME release, so I don't see how I could fit with the release
schedule, that's impossible.

> Cheers,
> Danilo
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