Re: Enforce some restrictions on unstable APIs in the desktop release? (Was: gok broken with new libwnck)

Alexander Larsson wrote:


I often change eel after the freeze in order to fix bugs in nautilus.
But I see the point in this, and its not a bad idea. How about limiting
it a bit though, so that after API freeze such libraries aren't allowed
to do api-incompatible changes.

This means you can still add functions, and in the libwnck case we have
here you could have added the new function, and then made the old one
call the new one. (This would require a new name for the function of
course, but at least you could fix the bug.)
This makes sense to me. I also think it might be reasonable to time such an API freeze a couple of weeks after developer-API-freeze (i.e. about the same time as Beta 1), if folks think the 'wiggle room' between platform-API-freeze and beta can be useful.

Making changes to exported API after beta seems high-risk in any case.

- Bill

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