Re: gok broken with new libwnck

Hi I'm going to cross post to gnome-accessibility-devel as this is somewhat high priority I think. We really need a response on how to proceed to fix this one. Is this new API change going to stick? How will GOK maintain compatability with new/old versions of libwnck? (preprocessor directives?)



Fernando Herrera wrote:

Elijah: would this timestamp be ok here?
PS: I know that #error "libwnck should only be used if you understand
that it's subject to frequent change, and is not supported as a fixed
API/ABI or as part of the platform" but these internal API changes 6
days before hard code freeze are painful! :)

diff -u -r1.11 gok-windowlister.c
--- gok/gok-windowlister.c      7 Mar 2004 00:27:06 -0000       1.11
+++ gok/gok-windowlister.c      22 Feb 2005 12:02:30 -0000
@@ -215,10 +215,10 @@
           workspace = wnck_window_get_workspace (pKey->pGeneral);
           if (workspace != NULL)
-               wnck_workspace_activate (workspace);
+               wnck_workspace_activate (workspace,
gtk_get_current_event_time ());
               bSuccess = TRUE;
-               wnck_window_activate (pKey->pGeneral);
+               wnck_window_activate (pKey->pGeneral,
gtk_get_current_event_time ());


El mar, 22-02-2005 a las 11:48 +0100, Kjartan Maraas escribi�

Tried building from CVS today and found that gok is broken after the API
changes in libwnck. Looks like gok needs a 1.0.1 release to fix this...


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