Re: [g-a-devel] Re: gok broken with new libwnck

David Bolter wrote:

Hi I'm going to cross post to gnome-accessibility-devel as this is somewhat high priority I think. We really need a response on how to proceed to fix this one. Is this new API change going to stick? How will GOK maintain compatability with new/old versions of libwnck? (preprocessor directives?)

Given the fact that it's only 6 days till hard code freeze, might we have the old API reinstated, and add

void        wnck_workspace_activate_with_time       (WnckWorkspace *space,
                                          	     guint32        timestamp);

void     wnck_window_activate_with_time  (WnckWindow *window,
                                         guint32     timestamp);

The old API could become wrappers around the new API, and supply the current time as timestamp.

(We have had a standing order for stable libwnck API since about 2002 IIRC; surely at least a subset of libwnck should be available to gnome-dev clients...)

- Bill

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