Meet to discuss the theme topic ?

I am new on this list, normally I read it to keep me informed about
what happens, but I will try to write something this time. My English
isn't good, I hope I will improve it over time.

I worked before with people using a mailing list like this, and when
someone speaks about a controversial topic, the result was always the
same, a lot of messages on a thread that no one reads. Normally when
this happens we make a meeting to discuss the topic face to face.
Something impossible here. Instead of that, a meeting on IRC could
solve the problem, giving the chance to discuss this topics, and
resolve them without flooding the list.
Pools are another useful method to get opinions from people without
all this noise on the list and giving the opportunity to people
outside the list to give their opinion.

On the theme topic, I think we must first decide what we want to
achieve with it, and which technology to use (it will use the new
features on gtk 2.8 and X ?).
Which theme to use isn't exactly important now.
I don't want to discuss it here on an endless thread.
So, what do you think on making an IRC meeting to discuss it ?


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