Re: Gnome Panel improvements

On mer, 2005-02-16 at 10:36 +0100, Frederic Crozat wrote:
>Le mercredi 16 février 2005 à 10:43 +0800, Davyd Madeley a écrit :
>> On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 21:53 +0100, Przemysław Sowa wrote:
>> > After playing with Gnome 2.9.91 I've found new panel transparency really
>> > exciting. But some things need a little bit love. For example icons in
>> > the notification area looks ugly as they ignore panel background
>> > settings. Also I'd love to see workspace switcher supporting
>> > transparency. Last but not least I'd be nice if I could define custom
>> > panel position.
>> The transparent notification icons are officially a pain. Here is a
>> pseudo-technical rundown.
>> It's not real alpha-blending we're using, it's grabbing the images under
>> the panel, and drawing them on the panel. We won't be able to support
>> real alpha blending until COMPOSITE works on more things, and GTK has
>> support for alpha channel in it's colourspace.
>> For real applets, this is not a hassle, they are passed their background
>> by the panel over Bonobo. For notification icons it is a hassle, the
>> GtkEventBox they use is not transparent, and there is no way to pass
>> them a background image to set their background too.
>> Unless someone smarter then me knows how to solve this, we won't be
>> seeing notification icons that are able to behave themselves in 2.10 :(
>Well, there are patches waiting review/comments in bugzilla for that :

This is weird! There is no return on the second patch. Does anyone have
test it?

Benoit Caccinolo bcaccinolo idealx com

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