Re: Gnome Panel improvements

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 21:53 +0100, Przemysław Sowa wrote:
> After playing with Gnome 2.9.91 I've found new panel transparency really
> exciting. But some things need a little bit love. For example icons in
> the notification area looks ugly as they ignore panel background
> settings. Also I'd love to see workspace switcher supporting
> transparency. Last but not least I'd be nice if I could define custom
> panel position.

The transparent notification icons are officially a pain. Here is a
pseudo-technical rundown.

It's not real alpha-blending we're using, it's grabbing the images under
the panel, and drawing them on the panel. We won't be able to support
real alpha blending until COMPOSITE works on more things, and GTK has
support for alpha channel in it's colourspace.

For real applets, this is not a hassle, they are passed their background
by the panel over Bonobo. For notification icons it is a hassle, the
GtkEventBox they use is not transparent, and there is no way to pass
them a background image to set their background too.

Unless someone smarter then me knows how to solve this, we won't be
seeing notification icons that are able to behave themselves in 2.10 :(


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