Re: moving windows above the top panel

On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 16:55, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> Exactly. The bug is primarily the app developer's here. Apps and their 
> dialogs must not measure bigger than 720x500, no matter the toolkit they 
> use.

Two problems when keeping within a min resolutions are:

1) As mentioned earlier, developers have very little control over the
actual screen size on any given desktop.  Window size depends on so many
variables in the users control such as font size and language.  Sure if
your target is 720x500 you can go for 650x450 to be safe, but you just
lost that much more screen real estate.  

I'm sure we both agree you shouldn't design your form for 1024x768 and
8pt fonts.  However, even a developer who tries to design for 800x600
will fail on a certain number of desktops and there should be a good
fall back.

2) Sprawling widget set.  I think GTK is the best widget set on the
planet, but compact when it comes to screen real estate it isn't.  This
already limits the amount of information that will fit in any given
window size.

I personally use a scrollwindow on all my main windows so I have a last
resort if someone is crazy enough to run my application at 640x480. It
won't be pretty but it will be usable.  

FWIW, screen width is a more precious resource than screen height.  

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