Re: the future of GNOME Applets

<quote who="Alan Cox">

> On Mer, 2004-09-22 at 03:59, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Ubuntu currently detects whether your computer is a laptop on package
> > install, and installs the appropriate defaults (wifi and battery applet)
> > based on that. It's a hack.
> Have you done anything with d-bus propogating battery/mains status. One of
> the ancient bugs floating around is that the gnome screensaver can't be
> told "pretty pictures on mains, blank display on battery" ?

We do that, but it's done with acpi scripts atm, not d-bus. We'll probably
work on that a bit for our next release (ie. for GNOME 2.10). You just run
xscreensaver-command -throttle, and it uses blank.

- Jeff

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