i'm planning on doing a gnome program to present information about the
user and changed whatever is allowed.

I think that the information stored in GECOS should not be modified,
things like full name, login name, room and phone are probably managed
by an administrator. The question is, if i should allow this stuff to be
changed by the "home user" and how to differentiate between "home
installations" and an "managed installations" done by an admin.

>From this dialog the gdm face could also by changed.

Other stuff: should i include information about the address, email and
im accounts of the user? should the user be able to change information
about its address? if the installation is a "home based" one then the
information related to the address will be kept in gconf, but if the
installation is an enterprise one probably the address related stuff
should be modified in an LDAP server or something like that.

What do you think about this? should this stuff be integrated or should
i just show the gdmface/GECOS stored information in this dialog?

Here is a screenshot of the tool as it is rigth now:

any suggestions would be appreciated.


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