Re: gnome-about-me v2


so from reading the emails in this thread this is what i'm going to do:

A dialog with several tabs:
	basic information will be (from pam)
		Name    (modifiable if a given gconf key is not set)
		Login   (nonmodifiable)
		Photo   (integrated with the GDM Face)
		Password Changing (dialog not in a disclosure box)
		Shell   [1]
	Address       (taken from EDS)
	Phone, Email and IM  (taken from EDS)
		email and IM will *not* be configured from here 
		i will just show them, something alogn the lines of the
		contact-editor in evolution.

I've also taken note from the different UI suggestions, it has to fit in
800x600, left aligned labels, etc.

What do you think?


PS: maybe it would also be recommended ask the user to configure all
this information when he/she enters in GNOME for the first time.

[1] I don't know if changing the default shell should be included in the
dialog, i have been doing some test and chsh does not work when the user
information is on LDAP instead of /etc/passwd. If we want this we migth
have to use/distribute libuser which is only available in RedHat and

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