Re: Proposing gnome-doc-utils for 2.10

<quote who="Shaun McCance">

> I've just made the first release of gnome-doc-utils.  This includes
> DocBook XSLT stylesheets and some build utilities, including Danilo's
> über-cool xml2po.  The stylesheets are currently required by Yelp from
> HEAD to run.  I'm proposing this for inclusion in the desktop for 2.10,
> with the intention of moving it to the developer platform once all the
> interfaces have stabilized.

Hey Shaun,

Because gnome-doc-utils will be required by the new branch of Yelp, this
module proposal ends up being more like a feature addition - as maintainer,
it's your call. So, you can depend on it straight away. If anyone *objects*
to gnome-doc-utils being added as an officially supported part of the GNOME
desktop suite, you'll have to handle it as a module proposal. :-)


- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia
            "you misspelt 'world dominatrix'" - James Wilkinson

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