Hi Paolo [CC to d-d-l intended],

Christophe made me look at goobox after your email to gnome-announce
[1], and I must say it's pretty sweet [2]. Scope seems to be similar to
sound-juicer. Ross, have you looked at it yet? How close does it come to
the ideas that you had for s-j-2?

Now, it isn't perfect yet. Here's some things that I noted to be
* mixed data/audio CDs are reported as data CD and it will fail to play
* you include the bacon CD widget rather than linking to
* the CD code is Linux-specific and will need to be ported (again! Poor
them BSD people...) to BSD (and Solaris, I guess).
* it fetches metadata, but this doesn't show up in the main interface.
It does show up in the editor. Maybe because I run uninstalled?
* I personally think the icon in the interface is too large.
* you're using C++ code which is really just C code with C++ keywords
(extern "C" { .. }) around it. I'd rather use plain C since it's really
just that.
* doesn't use gnome-media audio profiles, afaics.
* location selector doesn't use gtkfilechooserbutton.
Anyway, those are small, fixable issues. I like the general way in which
it works.

How about if I suggest to use this to replace gnome-CD? Gnome-CD (in
gnome-media) has
several limitations, issues (crashers, memory leaks) and it's UI is
basically a GNOME-1 leftover. I like your interface. I was basically
intending to replace it with Ross' s-j-2 when it was out, but yours
seems to be ready sooner. ;). Have people looked at this? How do you
guys like this?


Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje ronald bitfreak net>

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