Proposing gnome-doc-utils for 2.10

I've just made the first release of gnome-doc-utils.  This includes
DocBook XSLT stylesheets and some build utilities, including Danilo's
über-cool xml2po.  The stylesheets are currently required by Yelp from
HEAD to run.  I'm proposing this for inclusion in the desktop for 2.10,
with the intention of moving it to the developer platform once all the
interfaces have stabilized.

gnome-doc-utils has hard dependencies on libxml2 and libxslt, which are
at the bottom of the dependency stack.  It also has a soft dependency on
Python for xml2po.  However, gnome-doc-utils will gladly not build and
install xml2po if Python is not found on your system.  Vendors that make
separate -devel packages can place the build utilities and xml2po into a
gnome-doc-utils-devel package if they like.

There are currently two pieces of documentation, one for the XSLT and
one for the build utilities.  These documents are largely stubs at this
point, with most of the data being extracted automatically from source

The stylesheets employ two different mechanisms for i18n, both of which
work with po files.  One of these methods, however, requires translators
to work with special format strings and nested XML elements.  Some work
remains to finish these.  The goal for the 0.2 release, which I hope to
make next weekend, is to finish the i18n interface and write detailed
instructions for translators.

There are a few known accessibility problems with the HTML produced by
the stylesheets.  These, in turn, affect accessibility for Yelp.  I'm
firmly committed to working with our accessibility team to produce the
most accessible documentation system possible.


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