Re: Request for Last-Minute Help with Firefox Polish Bug

* Maciej Katafiasz <mnews22 wp pl> [04.10.29 14:10]:
> If this were about last-minute konqueror's GNOME integration bugs, and
> post was basically most-bang-for-your-buck plea for help in hope of
> getting to presumably clueful and willing people, then yes, GNOME's list
> is relevant. Of course, gtk-devel should still have been CC'd, for
> that's the place where folks most familiar with gtk+'s intricacies
> reside, yet I still don't think it was anything inappropriate to try
> gnome list when quickest response is desired and it's GNOME integration
> in question here.

Yes, if it were a GNOME integration issue this might be the right list,
but it's not a GNOME integration issue, it's a gtk issue as Steven said.
If this list was CC'ed on all issues with all the libraries that are
included in GNOME, it would quickly become useless.

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