I was wondering why gnome is not using gtkspell

Since the trend is to move more to gtk widgets why not use gtkspell for
spelling check? Gaim is already using it for a while and other apps are


A specially the new gtkspell 3.x (still under development) looks nice
(using enchant as the underlying spelling provider.)

Enchant is capable of having multiple backends loaded at once.
Currently, Enchant has 5 backends:

      * Aspell/Pspell (intends to replace Ispell)
      * Ispell (old as sin, could be interpreted as defacto standard)
      * MySpell (an OOo project, also used by Mozilla)
      * Uspell [primarily Yiddish, Hebrew, and Eastern European
        languages - hosted in AbiWord's CVS under the module "uspell"]
      * Hspell [Hebrew]


Ps: I'm not a gtkspell developer, I'm just wondering.

lupusBE (Kristof Vansant Belgium)

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