Re: time/date/timezone capplet


Maciej Katafiasz wrote:
Dnia 18-10-2004, pon o godzinie 10:55 -0400, William Jon McCann napisał:

I wrote a time/date/timezone capplet. It is a user oriented tool that doesn't require authentication to start - only to change settings. The authentication system for the backends (gnome-timezone, gnome-date) is left for the vendor/sysadmin to configure. Personally, I use consolehelper.

doesn't g-s-t capplet already do this?

No, it doesn't. g-s-t are very nice tools and Carlos has done a fine job with them. In fact, I've contributed to them in the past. However, they are targetted for system administration. This is an end-user tool that in a properly configured system would not require the root password. Some other differences are:

It is written entirely in C (ie. no perl) so that it can be used on a slim install and is simple to audit. The front-end is not authenticated so it is simple to audit and trust. It is authentication-schema agnostic. The gnome-timezome backend doesn't hard-code vendor types, it looks for capabilities. It sends dbus events. And... it supports Solaris (I know you care).


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