Re: Future of desktop splash screens - some thoughts


> > > If the desktop or application starts fast enough a splash screen is
> > > unnecessary.  For some applications the splash screen provides a useful
> > 
> > Maybe YOUR box is fast enough to start gnome with no significant delay,
> > but a lot of older boxes are NOT (30 sec startup time is significant).
> > The excuse that "hardware nowadays is fast enough" is no excuse for not
> > keeping in mind older hardware.
> > 
> > So I'ld say you're just plain wrong in your assertion.
> Yeah. Someone would probably have to do very good work getting nautilus
> and/or panel up very quickly for this to make sense. That seems like a
> good goal to have, though.

I quite like the idea of turning off the splash screen in a development
cycle so that we could bash on optimizing the desktop a little bit - or
at least make more people aware of where we're sucking.


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