Re: Removing GNOME splash screens? (was: Re: Future of desktop splash screens - some thoughts)

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:14:06 +0200, Christian Neumair
<chris gnome-de org> wrote:

> I've completely disabled the splash screen for now and don't feel that
> anything lacks from my desktop; do be honest, I didn't really note it -
> Nautilus loaded pretty quickly. Why can't we simply display a busy
> cursor while the session is launched and react GUI-wise if something
> goes wrong?
> I now feel like having a splash screen is like looking at your watch
> while waiting for the bus - it won't drive faster, you're just
> disappointed that it's late and get upset.
> What about removing it completely? Do we really need "Welcome to
> GNOME"-fashioned branding?
> regs,
>  Chris

I like the splash screen, solely for the reason that I know when
everything necessary has started, unlike the XP experience where you
have to manually wait 10-15 seconds while crap is being loaded.  XP
would be much better usability wise if it notified you that stuff is
actually being started.

Take Care

Zaheer Abbas

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