Removing GNOME splash screens? (was: Re: Future of desktop splash screens - some thoughts)

Am Freitag, den 15.10.2004, 06:19 -0400 schrieb Ricardo Veguilla:
> On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 19:00 +0900, janne wrote:
> > fre 2004-10-15 klockan 10:33 +0100 skrev Iain *:
> > > > Particularly if you consider that the splash screen serves no useful
> > > > purpose anyway.
> > > 
> > > Yeah, I've been considering proposing to remove the icons from it,
> > > because really they don't serve much purpose. Unless there's a
> > > problem, do you really need to know that something called "nautius"
> > > and something else called "gnome-panel" have been started? (what are
> > > they anyway, and why do they start up?)
> > 
> > The argument in favour is of course giving the user feedback that the
> > startup is progressing. Make gnome startup fast enough and the need is
> > gone.
> [Sorry Janne, I forgot to CC the list]
> Or keep the splash screen, eliminate the icons, and use a simple
> progress bar.

I've completely disabled the splash screen for now and don't feel that
anything lacks from my desktop; do be honest, I didn't really note it -
Nautilus loaded pretty quickly. Why can't we simply display a busy
cursor while the session is launched and react GUI-wise if something
goes wrong?

I now feel like having a splash screen is like looking at your watch
while waiting for the bus - it won't drive faster, you're just
disappointed that it's late and get upset.

What about removing it completely? Do we really need "Welcome to
GNOME"-fashioned branding?


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