Re: Speed improvement of gnome-terminal

On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 12:14 +0100, Sander Vesik wrote:

> > One thing you can think about is - what is the correct behavior when
> > catting a large text file to a terminal - shouldn't it just show the
> > last page instantly?
> > 
> > If someone really wanted to work on vte, I think the first question
> > you'd have to answer is "what is the ideal behavior you are shooting
> > for" - one possible answer is that it should read data as fast as
> > possible off standard in and show one page per vertical blanking
> > refresh at the current position.
> > 
> Yeah right. How were you planning to get it to the state where it could 
> display anything near 60 screens per second? 

Well, there are several responses to this:

 - A 80x40 terminal is ~0.5M pixels. Say that we were doing the drawing
   just by writing data to the video card without any acceleration
   at all.

   Then 0.5M pixels * 4 bytes per pixel * 60 frames is 120 meg/second
   CPU => video card. Which is considerable, but very feasible on
   hardware of several years ago.

   Things get a lot better as you add in any sort of acceleration.

 - If we can only refresh at N < 60 frames per second, that doesn't
   affect my question at all.


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