Re: Remove unused icons in gnome-desktop


On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 10:47, Luca Ferretti wrote:

> > > Four icons are used by gnome-applets/gnome-panel, but those apps should
> > > use available icons in gnome-icon-theme. Those icons are
> > >       * gnome-mailcheck (by mail check applet) -> should use
> > >         "stock_inbox.png" or "stock_mail*.png"
> > >       * gnome-modem (by modemlights applet) -> should use modem.png
> > >       * gnome-money (by stock ticker applet) -> should use
> > >         stock-ticker.png
> > 
> > 	These should be fine to move to gnome-applets.
> Why move them? IMHO the Good Way is put all generic icons in
> gnome-icon-theme and retrieve them from here.

	Because they're not generic icons. If we remove the mailcheck applet,
the mailcheck applet icon should go with it.

	If you're talking about changing things to use icons which already
exist, then that might be reasonable but would need to be considered
case by case. However, moving gnome-mailcheck.png to
gnome-applets/mailcheck and installing it in icons/hicolor/48x48/apps is
a sensible thing to do if we don't make it use an existing icon.

> Note that those icons/pixmaps are in g-i-t 2.9.0 so I'm working on a
> patch for gnome-applets to:
>      1. add dependence on g-i-t >= 2.9.0
>      2. add dependence on gtk+ >= 2.5.0
>      3. edit the .desktop file of applet and change the value of Icon
>         entry
>      4. edit the .server file of applet and change the value of
>         "panel:icon" oaf_attribute
>      5. edit the code to use the new gtk_window_set_default_icon_name ()
>      6. edit the code to use the new GtkAboutWindow widget with the
>         named icon as logo.

	I think Davyd is doing some of this at the moment. Might want to sync
up with him.

> So the applet is fully themeable. Well honestly the logo in
> GtkAboutWindow is not updated if you keep the about window open and
> change the icon theme. You have to close the the about window and reopen
> it, but probably I just need to connect the icontheme:changed signal to
> the widget representing the about window.

	That's a bug in GtkAboutWindow, then.

> 4 criteria:
>      A. icon is used somewere in GNOME Desktop
>      B. a copy of the icon is yet in g-i-t
>      C. icon follows guidelines
>      D. icon can be useful

	If an icon only falls under the "it can be useful" category, then
*that* sounds like a generic icon to me and should be somewhere like


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