Re: Remove unused icons in gnome-desktop

Hi Luca,
	I'd like to see this cleaned up too, but its quite likely we'll break a
few things in the process. That's what stopped me when I tried to do
this before.

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 17:49, Luca Ferretti wrote:

> Four icons are used by gnome-applets/gnome-panel, but those apps should
> use available icons in gnome-icon-theme. Those icons are
>       * gnome-mailcheck (by mail check applet) -> should use
>         "stock_inbox.png" or "stock_mail*.png"
>       * gnome-modem (by modemlights applet) -> should use modem.png
>       * gnome-money (by stock ticker applet) -> should use
>         stock-ticker.png

	These should be fine to move to gnome-applets.

>       * laucher-program.png (used by panel to add a launcher) -> mmhhh
>         no valid icon in g-i-t. Just stock_init.png with a starting
>         space shuttle.... or maybe gnome-fs-executable

	And this should be fine moved to gnome-panel.

> I'll work on a patch for applets. Any idea about launcher?
> So his is redux list of useful icons, IMHO. The (?) means that maybe we
> can remove it too.
>         gnome-background-image.png
>         (?) gnome-background-pattern.png
>         gnome-debian.png
>         gnome-emacs.png
>         (?)gnome-gimp.png
>         gnome-gmush.png
>         (?)gnome-gnomoku.png
>         gnome-logo-icon.png
>         gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png
>         gnome-logo-large.png
>         gnome-squeak.png
>         gnome-suse.png
>         (?) gnome-tigert.png
>         launcher-program.png

	How did you come up with the list? Why is gnome-debian, gnome-emacs and
gnome-gmush useful, for example?


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