Re: Remove unused icons in gnome-desktop

Il lun, 2004-10-04 alle 22:08, Alan Horkan ha scritto:
> When you say remove do you mean move?
> Is there a gnome-extras or gnome-icon-extras where these could go rather
> than be removed completely?  (I know they will not really be removed
> completely and be in CVS for those who really want them but that is
> complicated enough to make it impractical for most people).

No, I mean remove. Or do you think some of those icons can be useful?
For the purpose of GNOME Desktop and Developer Platform, I mean.

If you (or GNOME users) need some extra icons there are about 3MB on

> >       * laucher-program.png (used by panel to add a launcher) -> mmhhh
> >         no valid icon in g-i-t. Just stock_init.png with a starting
> >         space shuttle.... or maybe gnome-fs-executable
> >
> > I'll work on a patch for applets. Any idea about launcher?
> I'd suggest a whole new signpost/shortcut icon but then again I'm not
> offering to design it.

what about the gnome-application icon for "Launcher from menu" and
stock_script for "Launcher..."

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