Re: Should Desktop = Home?

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 16:00 +0100, Bryan Cole wrote:
> I vote YES! I've converted to $HOME==Desktop a few months back (since
> gnome-2.6 and spatial-nautilus) and I now think it's great. It REALLY
> WORKS! Your desktop is the first thing you see once logged in and is thus
> very naturally the "top" of the users directory hierarchy. It's the place
> where I can dump files/documents or downloaded stuff and from there drag
> it into an appropriate sub-folder. I think Home==Desktop fits in well with
> Spatial file-management. It removes the need for a separate 'Home' icon.

Ditto - I also think it would be excellent for ordinary users who would
have one less folder to worry about.

some points::

1) It must be optional though it can be the default setting.
2) The File Chooser needs to be updated to reflect this too.
3) do we call it "Home" or "Desktop"? (I say Home cause there will be
other references to Home elsewhere in the system so we may as well be
consistent here + there are a lot of nice Home icons about!)
4) Templates folder - do we want that on the desktop? (I would vote no
on that one cause templates is accessible via places menu)


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