Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

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On Sat, Oct 02, 2004 at 01:27:36AM -0700, Tristan Buckmaster wrote:
> > Why not instead create the folders in $HOME with LANG=C and have the
> > $HOME/Desktop/<folder> be a symlink in the current locale of the user?

I really like that, too.

> That would not work well for the following use cases:
> The user has his own 'music' directory and wants to set that as the
> default music directory.
> The user wants to save his Pictures and Music in the same directory.
> Marc's solution would work well in both situations.

but storing directory locations in gconf is not really intuitive and
transparent for the user. Directory locations can be stored in standard
symlinks, too. They can be used by /all/ programs and are easy to
configure -- just use your filemanager

If you are really worried about above use cases, then we could use
something like:

 * for the desktop, we need localized names and custom icons.
   this could be solved by some special Music.desktop file or something

 * for all applications, we need a standard location to access data
   directories. Instead of storing those directories in gconf, use
   	~/.music -> Music
   	~/.music -> /sfs/my-big-server/pub/music
   or anything...
   by using hidden files, this does not clutter your $HOME too much.

 * the actual directory to store stuff
   (of course this could be plain .music if the user does not want
   his music to appear in ls)

Each applications supporting these symlinks should make sure that they
exist, i.e. create ~/.music -> Music and Music/ if they do not yet
exist. Nautilus should offer some way to recreate the magic
Music.desktop entry.

Martin Waitz

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