Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

Dnia 04-10-2004, pon o godzinie 09:30 +1000, Jeff Waugh napisał:
> > Just you try touching my desktop - good luck at trying to find your
> > fingertips afterwards :P
> > Honestly, if you like windoze-like mess on desktop - cool, that's your
> > thing. But any app that messes with *my* desktop is gonna end up with
> > its head chopped off
> We are talking about appropriate defaults that apply to most people. If you
> don't want it to work that way, you can change it.
> (That was not productive language, btw.)

That was rough, sorry, but closely mirrors my feeling about that
Desktop is *user's* space, and noone, I repeat, noone is allowed to
touch it in any way. I'm sure everyone has seen abyssmal mess
$random_win32_user has on his desktop, because apps feel free to put
anything they want in there. Encouraging this (not only allowing!) is
simply unacceptable, as is introducing "please don't fuck with my
desktop" preference.
"Downloads" folder created like "$User's Home", preferably with emblem /
custom icon? Why not, it's worth a look. "Documents" folder with
Downloads in it? Sure, let's discuss. But touching my desktop is
inviting yourself into world of pain, mine or for that matter
$random_user's, who is defenseless against such a tricks pulled by his
DE. I don't think there's anything I have as strong opinion as I have
about my desktop's integrity, and I will fight any attempt to breach it.


"Tautologizm to coś tautologicznego"
   Maciej Katafiasz <mnews2 wp pl>

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